New: Automated Service Reminders

We have introduced automated service reminders to our auto repair shop software, which can be found and set up on the client dashboard screen, when viewing details for a client.

You can set whether or not any given customer is to receive service reminder emails, and the set the next date they should receive an email reminder, as well as the frequency at which reminders are sent, current options for this are every 3,6,9,12 months, you can set this as appropriate for the car make and model of your customer combined with their average mileage and driving habits that you are familiar with.

The customer will receive an email with a link to book a service with you, so they can quickly and easily reply to the reminder, as well as make a provisional booking with your auto repair shop.

Auto Repair Invoicing Software (19)


This is a sample email that the customer receives, including a link to directly make a booking with your auto repair shop.


The customer can book directly with the link in the email, which will bring them to a screen similar to the following:

Auto Repair Invoicing Software (20)