Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

2010 Christmas Truck

Have a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year, and thank you to all our loyal users who continue to help us grow and make better software.  We will continue with upgrades and tweaks in 2018 as we always do, and will post more details in the weeks to come!

We will soon be launching a survey which you will see when you login, we appreciate any feedback our valued customers have for us to improve.

Thank you for a good year here at Auto Repair Bill and here’s to keeping your shop running smoothly in 2018 and beyond!

NEW: Updates to Invoice & RO Editor

We have started on our upgrades in response to the feedback from our recent user survey, the participants of which we wish to thank again for time to let us know what is right, and what is wrong!

We will be rolling out a stream of minor upgrades over the coming weeks to improve user experience and address some highlighted bugs that have crept into the last release, and also preparing for a major upgrade scheduled for this summer.

In the meantime, we have made some revisions to the current invoice editor, and quote editor, which now shows the Parts/Labor totals at the end of the editor without tax, then the tax line and then final amount, we all admit here that it does look a hell of a lot damn clearer! Seeing this from our customer’s perspective certainly helped out here.  The new format editor better separates out tax, labor, parts and total while making out the invoice, the printed invoice remains unchanged with this update.

New Invoice Editor Update

On the R.O. side, we have added the much requested Repair Order document to include a customer sign-off line, this is now present on all Repair Orders, but we plan to make this optional in Settings soon for those who may not wish to display, for the moment it is now standard on all R.O., you do not have to use it, but there will be an option to remove it for those who do not with to display signature line.

R.O with signature line

In our upcoming update to our Android app, we plan on adding ability for customer to sign-off on a repair order using finger signature on screen of device, our mobile app is currently held up due to an issue with our licence plate scanner we are also adding to upcoming update.

Many more changes are on the way, including the most requested to have multiple labor lines, this is a major upgrade to the underlying systems and will take careful planning and testing before release, but we have begun work on this and aiming for release of this much requested ability sometime this summer.

QuickBooks integration is here!


Requests for integration with QuickBooks has by far been the most requested feature from our users and interested parties, topping the polls consistently.

We are happy to bring you a fully functional QuickBooks Online integration which went live in the early hours of last night.

Our initial implementation currently only supports the QuickBooks Online service, and we are working to get a solution for the Desktop version in the coming week or two.

So, what can you do with our auto repair software and QuickBooks Online?

  • A one-time activation must be done with QuickBooks Online to authorize Auto Repair Bill to manage your QuickBooks data.
  • All newly created invoices and customers on Auto Repair Bill will be sent in realtime to your QuickBooks Online account.
  • New users can import their existing customers from QuickBooks Online into Auto Repair Bill, and have a starting set of clients to work with after signing up.
  • Existing users can export all their historical client and invoice data from Auto Repair Bill into QuickBooks Online, using a one click process.

NEW: Update mileage & service date when creating invoice

This has been another common request from users of our auto repair software to be able to update the mileage and last service date on a vehicle at the time of creating an invoice.

This can now be easily done, on the create invoice screen, there is now a link to show options to update mileage and last service, the service date will default to the current date, but can be easily changed to the date you need.

Previously this could only be updated by going into the client dashboard and updating details from here, we hope this will streamline and make updating these details more efficiently by offering the feature to update these details at time of invoice creation.

Please note that this new feature, along with several others currently under final testing, will be released in free upgrade to all customers this Thurday 15/10/15.

As always, keep those suggestions coming, and thank you for those who have made requests.

Improved Repair Orders, full timelogs

We have revamped our Repair Order time tracking and management feature of our auto repair shop software, and given it a complete overhaul.  It is now more detailed and more flexible, you can now resume a job a clock-in again after previously clocking out; up until now once clocked-out, a repair order was deemed closed.  This has changed now and you can easily clock-in again to resume work, e.g. after a lunch break, or resuming the next day.

Full time logs are now available for all RO’s, showing timestamps of each clock-in/out.  This gives you great flexibility to monitor employee/business performance on jobs, such as estimate vs actual time taken on a job, and allowing for you to bill more accurately if a job takes shorter or longer than estimated.  Time logs also add accountability as to who was working on what and when, always useful in dispute resolution!

Repair Order overview now displayed on client dashboard

The client dashboard has always given a good overview a client’s account, from vehicle details and customer information to bookings, invoices and transactions on the account.

We have now made it easier to see at a glance the most recent repair orders for a vehicle, and also conveniently edit, view or clock in and out for an RO, all from the  client dashboard.

On a side topic, another frequently requested feature for our auto repair shop software has been to calculate labor rates; we are looking into this and hope to have a solution in the coming weeks, it will implemented for US customers and will use data from Edmunds Developer Network to apply their suggested labor rate for your ZIP code. More details on this to follow, so stay tuned folks!

auto repair shop software

NEW! Add images to Repair Orders

Once again in response to user requests, we are responding with one of your latest requests.  Many people had noted two issues with the RO Writer, the lack of ability to edit an RO, and no option to upload photos  to attach to RO. We have addressed both these issues now. Another refinement to the RO Writer in our auto repair shop software is auto-prediction now also works for labor items, and not only parts alone, as was the case until now.

You can now easily revisit, edit, and update an RO as you carry out your work. The photo uploader is fast and flexible, and there is no limit on how many photos you can upload for a repair order.  We will be updating our mobile app in due time, to allow photos to be taken with our app and directly uploaded.  For the moment the web app can take photos by clicking Add Files on the Repair Order writer page, on Android, clicking this button will allow you to select the device camera to upload an image.

Please see the short video below to see how easily you can attach images to a new or existing Repair Order:


CarFax Service History Reports now available


For the past few weeks we have been busy working with our US data supplier, CARFAX, to bring customers in North America service history reports for any vehicles registered with Carfax.

Carfax is a popular service for both mechanics and motorists, for whom which a mobile app is available also.  We are glad to add service history reporting to our auto repair shop software. If you wish to sign up to receive service history reports from Carfax, you can sign up through Auto Repair Bill by activating from any client details screen, you will now see an Activate link in green under where it says SERVICE HISTORY REPORT.

By signing up for Carfax, your invoices will be uploaded daily to Carfax servers, to ensure future services include your work carried out, please do provide accurate information so that everyone can benefit from the Carfax platform, and also we would appreciate if you find false data in service history reports, that you please take the time to let Carfax know about incorrect data.

auto repair invoice software

Foreign currency support

We are happy to announce that all world currencies as listed on xe.com/symbols have now been implemented in our auto repair invoice software.

The full list is as follows:

Country and Currency Currency Code Graphic Image Font: Code2000 Font: Arial Unicode MS Unicode: Decimal Unicode: Hex
Albania Lek ALL Lek Lek 76, 101, 107 4c, 65, 6b
Afghanistan Afghani AFN ؋ ؋ 1547 60b
Argentina Peso ARS $ $ 36 24 info
Aruba Guilder AWG ƒ ƒ 402 192
Australia Dollar AUD $ $ 36 24
Azerbaijan New Manat AZN ман ман 1084, 1072, 1085 43c, 430, 43d
Bahamas Dollar BSD $ $ 36 24
Barbados Dollar BBD $ $ 36 24
Belarus Ruble BYR p. p. 112, 46 70, 2e
Belize Dollar BZD BZ$ BZ$ 66, 90, 36 42, 5a, 24
Bermuda Dollar BMD $ $ 36 24
Bolivia Boliviano BOB $b $b 36, 98 24, 62
Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Marka BAM KM KM 75, 77 4b, 4d
Botswana Pula BWP P P 80 50
Bulgaria Lev BGN лв лв 1083, 1074 43b, 432
Brazil Real BRL R$ R$ 82, 36 52, 24 info
Brunei Darussalam Dollar BND $ $ 36 24
Cambodia Riel KHR 6107 17db
Canada Dollar CAD $ $ 36 24
Cayman Islands Dollar KYD $ $ 36 24
Chile Peso CLP $ $ 36 24 info
China Yuan Renminbi CNY ¥ ¥ 165 a5 info
Colombia Peso COP $ $ 36 24
Costa Rica Colon CRC 8353 20a1
Croatia Kuna HRK kn kn 107, 110 6b, 6e
Cuba Peso CUP 8369 20b1
Czech Republic Koruna CZK 75, 269 4b, 10d
Denmark Krone DKK kr kr 107, 114 6b, 72 info
Dominican Republic Peso DOP RD$ RD$ 82, 68, 36 52, 44, 24
East Caribbean Dollar XCD $ $ 36 24
Egypt Pound EGP £ £ 163 a3
El Salvador Colon SVC $ $ 36 24
Estonia Kroon EEK kr kr 107, 114 6b, 72
Euro Member Countries EUR 8364 20ac
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Pound FKP £ £ 163 a3
Fiji Dollar FJD $ $ 36 24
Ghana Cedi GHC ¢ ¢ 162 a2
Gibraltar Pound GIP £ £ 163 a3
Guatemala Quetzal GTQ Q Q 81 51
Guernsey Pound GGP £ £ 163 a3
Guyana Dollar GYD $ $ 36 24
Honduras Lempira HNL L L 76 4c
Hong Kong Dollar HKD $ $ 36 24 info
Hungary Forint HUF Ft Ft 70, 116 46, 74
Iceland Krona ISK kr kr 107, 114 6b, 72
India Rupee INR info
Indonesia Rupiah IDR Rp Rp 82, 112 52, 70
Iran Rial IRR 65020 fdfc
Isle of Man Pound IMP £ £ 163 a3
Israel Shekel ILS 8362 20aa
Jamaica Dollar JMD J$ J$ 74, 36 4a, 24
Japan Yen JPY ¥ ¥ 165 a5 info
Jersey Pound JEP £ £ 163 a3
Kazakhstan Tenge KZT лв лв 1083, 1074 43b, 432
Korea (North) Won KPW 8361 20a9
Korea (South) Won KRW 8361 20a9
Kyrgyzstan Som KGS лв лв 1083, 1074 43b, 432
Laos Kip LAK 8365 20ad
Latvia Lat LVL Ls Ls 76, 115 4c, 73
Lebanon Pound LBP £ £ 163 a3
Liberia Dollar LRD $ $ 36 24
Lithuania Litas LTL Lt Lt 76, 116 4c, 74
Macedonia Denar MKD ден ден 1076, 1077, 1085 434, 435, 43d
Malaysia Ringgit MYR RM RM 82, 77 52, 4d
Mauritius Rupee MUR 8360 20a8
Mexico Peso MXN $ $ 36 24 info
Mongolia Tughrik MNT 8366 20ae
Mozambique Metical MZN MT MT 77, 84 4d, 54
Namibia Dollar NAD $ $ 36 24
Nepal Rupee NPR 8360 20a8
Netherlands Antilles Guilder ANG ƒ ƒ 402 192
New Zealand Dollar NZD $ $ 36 24
Nicaragua Cordoba NIO C$ C$ 67, 36 43, 24
Nigeria Naira NGN 8358 20a6
Korea (North) Won KPW 8361 20a9
Norway Krone NOK kr kr 107, 114 6b, 72
Oman Rial OMR 65020 fdfc
Pakistan Rupee PKR 8360 20a8
Panama Balboa PAB B/. B/. 66, 47, 46 42, 2f, 2e
Paraguay Guarani PYG Gs Gs 71, 115 47, 73
Peru Nuevo Sol PEN S/. S/. 83, 47, 46 53, 2f, 2e info
Philippines Peso PHP 8369 20b1
Poland Zloty PLN 122, 322 7a, 142
Qatar Riyal QAR 65020 fdfc
Romania New Leu RON lei lei 108, 101, 105 6c, 65, 69
Russia Ruble RUB руб руб 1088, 1091, 1073 440, 443, 431 info
Saint Helena Pound SHP £ £ 163 a3
Saudi Arabia Riyal SAR 65020 fdfc
Serbia Dinar RSD Дин. Дин. 1044, 1080, 1085, 46 414, 438, 43d, 2e
Seychelles Rupee SCR 8360 20a8
Singapore Dollar SGD $ $ 36 24
Solomon Islands Dollar SBD $ $ 36 24
Somalia Shilling SOS S S 83 53
South Africa Rand ZAR R R 82 52
Korea (South) Won KRW 8361 20a9
Sri Lanka Rupee LKR 8360 20a8
Sweden Krona SEK kr kr 107, 114 6b, 72 info
Switzerland Franc CHF CHF CHF 67, 72, 70 43, 48, 46
Suriname Dollar SRD $ $ 36 24
Syria Pound SYP £ £ 163 a3
Taiwan New Dollar TWD NT$ NT$ 78, 84, 36 4e, 54, 24 info
Thailand Baht THB ฿ ฿ 3647 e3f
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar TTD TT$ TT$ 84, 84, 36 54, 54, 24
Turkey Lira TRY info
Turkey Lira TRL 8356 20a4
Tuvalu Dollar TVD $ $ 36 24
Ukraine Hryvnia UAH 8372 20b4
United Kingdom Pound GBP £ £ 163 a3
United States Dollar USD $ $ 36 24
Uruguay Peso UYU $U $U 36, 85 24, 55
Uzbekistan Som UZS лв лв 1083, 1074 43b, 432
Venezuela Bolivar VEF Bs Bs 66, 115 42, 73
Viet Nam Dong VND 8363 20ab
Yemen Rial YER 65020 fdfc
Zimbabwe Dollar ZWD Z$ Z$ 90, 36 5a, 24

Introducing TopUp bundles

We have added the option of purchasing TopUp Bundles for those of you who may find you are running short of invoices towards the end of your monthly cycle, to make life easier we have introduced TopUp Bundles, which will allow you to purchase 10, 25 or 50 invoices to get you by until your next subscription cycle.


You can purchase additional invoices without the need to upgrade your subscription service, giving you on-demand access to extra invoicing as and when you need it, it is as easy and flexible as that!

To purchase a TopUp, click on My Account in the top menu of our auto repair invoice software.

Pricing for Bundles:

  • $9.99 / 10 invoices
  • $19.99 / 25 invoices
  • $39.99 / 50 invoices

This is paving the way for our soon to be introduced Pay As You Go service, where a subscription will not be required to use the software, we are very excited about this as there are no other auto repair invoicing services that offer this option, so as always folks, stay tuned!