CarMD, our new data partner

We are happy to announce our new data partner, CarMD.  The loss of our previous data supplier was indeed a sore loss for all of our customers, losing labor guides and other useful day to day data to help in running your shop.  The Edmunds API was retired about 18 months ago and the only alternatives were far too expensive.  CarMD offers a wide range of reports, diagnostics, AI repair recommendations, warranty info and other useful data.

Development has been underway for a while to deliver these new features, and should be ready before too long.  As this data is not free for us to provide, there is a need to anticipate usage so we can be sure how to price this in to our subscription plans.  For now, the new labor guides are only available in our unlimited annual and monthly plans and we will know more about usage levels in a few weeks, as we open up the new features in beta to a group of invited users we can see if this is cost effective in data usage. We hope so!

The development of the reporting tools is the easy part here, but getting around some of the high cost for the data is certainly causing more headaches on how we can deliver this valuable data to our customers. In order to gain insights into data usage and costs we will be opening an invite-only beta program, stay tuned, it could be you!

In the meantime, here is a taste of what is to come, we still need to add finishing touches to the parts of the user interface.


New feature! Lookup OBD-II codes easily

Hi folks, we know it has been a while since an update, but rest assured we have been busy working behind the scenes as always!

After the loss of our previously highly useful Servicing Guide feature due to a data partner cutting off there data feed and long since seeking an alternative to help aid our loyal customers with some diagnostics features.

We are happy to bring you OBD-II fault code searches now, simply feed in the codes you get from your OBD hardware reader and get meaningful explanations and summary of the fault code meaning, you can enter multiple codes simply by seperating by commas.

You can find this useful tool on both the home screen and the  client dashboard screen.

Auto Repair Bill at Web Summit 2018

We are delighted to be exhibiting again at Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon.  It was a wonderful cross between a tech conference and a music festival last year, so lets hope for more of the same! The event is a great gathering to learn from others building similar software, and look forward to a good mix of tech talk and insights into the cutting edge.

The autotech should be interesting this year, IoT (internet of things) is becoming a bigger part of automobile industry and transport industry, including new infrastructure and smart cities, some of which exist already in development in countries like Estonia, of all places, and new smart cities being planned and build in Saudi Arabia, a city called NEOM.

Sophie, the first citizen robot I am sure will make a return, and a much more philosophically charged atmosphere on both AI and Blockhain technologies are much more likely to be heated up this year on the ethics and technological challenges ahead.


Bug fixes on recent upgrade

Thank you all for your patience while the post production bugs were ironed out of our recent upgrade, and for all the reports that helped us find and fix everything quickly! We are aware of a few minor niggles still remaining from the transition of some user accounts to the new system, if you have trouble with the switchover, please contact customer service.

We have compiled all the recent customer requests for updates and many of you will see more of what you have been asking for in the coming months, we will have more news on what is coming next shortly as we decide on our delivery schedule for future updates.

As always, stay tuned!

Coming soon: Pay As You Go

We appreciate that many people would like an invoicing product for their auto repair shops, but may not wish to commit to a subscription service, and we wish to make life a little easier for those who only have an occasional need to produce invoices, or simply may wish to fully evaluate our product before taking up a monthly or annual subscription.

There will be three packages to choose from, invoices will be sold in prepay bundles of 10, 25 or 50 invoices, valid for 30 days from date  of purchase.  Also, purchasing an invoice bundle will also unlock the rest of the software to create any type of other document for free, this includes Estimates, Booking and Repair Orders.  Prepay bundles will start from $9.99 for 10 invoices.

Prepay bundles can be used by subscription customers when they run out of invoices in their monthly allowance.  This means when you run out before the end of the month, you can top-up with 10,25 or 50 invoices, without the need to upgrade the package you are signed up for.  We think this gives our auto repair invoice software customers a great deal of flexibility to manage their invoicing needs in a fair and cost effective way.

NEW! Retain access to your data with an inactive account

We never want to lose our financial data, or access to it, and many other online services cut you off completely after non-payment, we don’t agree with this.  From now on, even after your account has expired, you can still login, view and download your data and documents.  If you decide you wish to have full access to your account again, you can simply go the Billing page and select a new payment plan to re-activate the rest of your account.

With an inactive account, you will see a message letting you know and a link to the Billing page to re-activate, please note you cannot create any new documents such as invoices, quotes, bookings, or repair orders until you make payment on your account with a renewed subscription to our auto repair invoice software.

New: Order parts from your local motor factor

Auto Repair Invoicing Software (5)

You can now order parts directly from our auto repair invoice software, the parts you have used will appear on the Inventory screen, to get started you need to create one or more vendor profiles.  You can then set stock levels, and set the threshold for ordering new parts.  You simply enter the Re-order amount, make any required changes to part name, and an email will be sent to the vendor for you to pick up parts at a later arranged time. When sending email for parts order to the motor factors, you will also receive a CC of the email sent for your own records, or for printing.