CarMD, our new data partner

We are happy to announce our new data partner, CarMD.  The loss of our previous data supplier was indeed a sore loss for all of our customers, losing labor guides and other useful day to day data to help in running your shop.  The Edmunds API was retired about 18 months ago and the only alternatives were far too expensive.  CarMD offers a wide range of reports, diagnostics, AI repair recommendations, warranty info and other useful data.

Development has been underway for a while to deliver these new features, and should be ready before too long.  As this data is not free for us to provide, there is a need to anticipate usage so we can be sure how to price this in to our subscription plans.  For now, the new labor guides are only available in our unlimited annual and monthly plans and we will know more about usage levels in a few weeks, as we open up the new features in beta to a group of invited users we can see if this is cost effective in data usage. We hope so!

The development of the reporting tools is the easy part here, but getting around some of the high cost for the data is certainly causing more headaches on how we can deliver this valuable data to our customers. In order to gain insights into data usage and costs we will be opening an invite-only beta program, stay tuned, it could be you!

In the meantime, here is a taste of what is to come, we still need to add finishing touches to the parts of the user interface.


New feature! Lookup OBD-II codes easily

Hi folks, we know it has been a while since an update, but rest assured we have been busy working behind the scenes as always!

After the loss of our previously highly useful Servicing Guide feature due to a data partner cutting off there data feed and long since seeking an alternative to help aid our loyal customers with some diagnostics features.

We are happy to bring you OBD-II fault code searches now, simply feed in the codes you get from your OBD hardware reader and get meaningful explanations and summary of the fault code meaning, you can enter multiple codes simply by seperating by commas.

You can find this useful tool on both the home screen and the  client dashboard screen.

Auto Repair Bill at Web Summit 2018

We are delighted to be exhibiting again at Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon.  It was a wonderful cross between a tech conference and a music festival last year, so lets hope for more of the same! The event is a great gathering to learn from others building similar software, and look forward to a good mix of tech talk and insights into the cutting edge.

The autotech should be interesting this year, IoT (internet of things) is becoming a bigger part of automobile industry and transport industry, including new infrastructure and smart cities, some of which exist already in development in countries like Estonia, of all places, and new smart cities being planned and build in Saudi Arabia, a city called NEOM.

Sophie, the first citizen robot I am sure will make a return, and a much more philosophically charged atmosphere on both AI and Blockhain technologies are much more likely to be heated up this year on the ethics and technological challenges ahead.


Ranked top one of Startups in Limerick to watch in 2018

Auto Repair Bill like to keep quite in the growing tech sphere here in Limerick City, however our growth seems to gain attention even if we just happen to drop our name in casual conversation in a local pub, and wind up on  It always pays to go out and have a few drinks and do some networking.

We are delighted to listed with some other superb limerick startups, some of whom we’ve had the pleasure of mingling with during many of the city’s startup events in recent years.  We wish all the best to everyone else out there in the difficult startup years, and hope your success continues well into the future, may we all prosper together.

A massive thank you to all our customers who got us this far and continue to carry us further!


15 super start-ups from Limerick to watch

Resolved: VIN Decoder issues

Firstly, a massive thank you to our loyal customers while we were working with new data partners to provide and restore access to this valuable and useful information vital to your day to day business.  A long story short, the provider we previously obtained this data from simply stopped their service.  This left us scrambling for a data partner that was affordable and workable for both our business and our clients.

We are glad to say most VIN decoding has been resolved now, and some improvements and additional information on vehicles is available now too. The VIN autocomplete when entering new clients is now working again, as is the auto complete of vehicle data on the mobile app when scanning a licence plate.

The CarFax licence plate search is now also working again and providing vehicle details.  Please note the CarFax service history reports were never affected by this, we were not using CarFax to obtain vehicle specification information.

We are still working with several providers to see if we can get a reasonable to service that allows us to bring back the valuable Service Guide and labor guides, we hope to have more information on this in the coming weeks.

RESOLVED: Ongoing mail server issues


First of all, please let us apologize for the recent havoc ensued on our mail servers, and thank you to all our loyal customers who reported the issues and helped us in identifying the issue.  After two weeks of going blind from looking at log files, we found no trace of what was breaking our server until we saw there was a botnet relaying spam from our server. The infection has been removed and prevention measures put in place to avoid a future infection with regular virus scanning of known exploits.

This was the nefarious EITEST infection, which has compromised over 50,000 servers around the world, a botnet running for over 10 years.  In April, some clever security boffins sinkholed the entire command and control system for the botnet, however the knockon effect of this is blacklisting all mail servers that have been used to send C&C requests outwards to receive instructions from the botnet.

Needless to say, the entire software industry is scrambling to get all systems operational again and removal of vital servers from the CBL blacklist, which will not allow an infected server to relay any mail until the infection is removed.  CBL themselves have been most helpful in providing information on resolution, however they do have strict unlisting, All traces of the infection have been successfully removed we expect all mail to fully operational shortly once our servers are clear from EITEST activity for over 24 hours on the C&C sinkhole nodes.

We would recommend all our users run a malware scan with Windows Defender or AntiMalware Bytes, if you used our blog or used the login with google or facebook features, we highly recommend scanning your PC as this is where we eventually found all traces of the virus.

Live Chat now available to Unlimited plan customers


We are happy to be expanding our Customer Experience team with new hires, and this has allowed us to finally launch our long promised live chat support service for our auto repair software.

Initially we will be rolling this out to our unlimited plan customers, monthly and annual, at no extra charge! Naturally we cannot man the lines and be available 24/7, but not to worry we will receive an email with your inquiry and get back to you as soon as possible.

This is part of our commitment to excellence in both service and support, and hope that this will make it easier for our customers to get in touch with us in times of need. We are listening!

For our customers on other price plans, we will have more news on options available in the coming weeks for live chat on your account, remember you can always reach us from the contact form and support links on our website and we will get back to you asap as usual!

Bug fixes: Android app login and online bookings



Many of you have recently been inconvenienced by not being able to login to our auto repair Android app, and we apologize greatly for this and the length of time it took to sort out.  It turns out in the end the problem was when we upgraded our servers to use only secure connections, while the mobile app was still trying to connect with an unsecured connection, which was failing every time an action took place from the app. This has been resolved now and appreciate your patience.  There were also technical issues in getting the update published to Google Play, but you should see the update available on your phone later today or tomorrow.

We also noticed another bug in our external bookings system used by auto repair shop customers to accept bookings from their customers, actually the reverse is true, this bug is what clued us in to the Android app issue! The links on the invoices have been updated, so customers can once again make bookings with your shop directly online.

A lot of bugs have been stomped recently, and we always welcome the feedback we get  from our customers on both bugs and ideas for new features and improvements.


2018 Development Roadmap

Image result for Stock photography

Another new year, another development roadmap for the year ahead.  Most of our planned 2017 upgrades were successfully carried out and implemented, with a few hiccups along the way as our more regular users were great in highlighting and reporting to us.  We hope you all have reaped the benefits of the new features.

So, what to expect in 2018?  More third party integrations are at the top of the list, particularly with parts suppliers, but also with other online services that may be relevant.  We hope to move on this soon, within the next few weeks to get the ball rolling.  This will be part of a larger upgrade to our inventory system and tracking, which will bring many new features such as invoice-level profit reporting and many other exciting new developments.

In the near future we will be offering live chat customer support, and customers on our unlimited plans will be able to message our support team directly. We will roll out live chat support to other customers for an additional monthly fee later in the year.

Online payments are another area we are looking at in a big way, and the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payment method both for our software and for you to get paid from your customers.  We anticipate this generating much interest, and we are waiting a little while for the markets to settle, we will be option for a high-speed transaction currency, at the moment Ripple is most suited to this, but the tech changes fast.

Other plans for this year include revising the VIN decoder and providing better data sources for this information. More reporting and cost analysis is on the way too along with useful information on shop performance and profitability, these new features will make your auto repair shop more efficient, part of these upgrades will involve a smoother flow through the system as work is being carried out.

Many of you will be happy to hear that a full upgrade is planned for our Android app, to iron out the bugs and bring it up to date with latest version of our web app. We still currently hold no plans for iOS development as of yet.

As always, stay tuned for updates here on our blog, facebook and twitter.

Bug fixes: Invoice PDF loading, Incorrect expiry dates


Thank you to all our loyal users and patient new users while we addressed some scaling issues with our system, we had an influx of new signups in the run up to and during the holiday season, so thanks to everyone who is spreading the word to their friends and family over the holidays, we greatly appreciate it!

However, our systems are creaking and we are ramping up to handle the extra demand.  We recently performed several hardware upgrades to our infrastructure, but we are also seeing bottlenecks in the software too now. Most notable has been the unreliable PDF generation of invoices, which has been resolved now by changing to an alternative more lightweight PDF generator which should see this running smoothly again.

We have been having ongoing issues with PayPal as they make changes to their backend systems without letting developers know! Our own investigations into the data they do currently send us  has allowed us to fix up the incorrect setting of expiry dates whereby user accounts due to be renewed in 12 months were only being renewed by one month. This should no longer happen now but if you find your account expiring before time please contact customer service.