CarMD, our new data partner

We are happy to announce our new data partner, CarMD.  The loss of our previous data supplier was indeed a sore loss for all of our customers, losing labor guides and other useful day to day data to help in running your shop.  The Edmunds API was retired about 18 months ago and the only alternatives were far too expensive.  CarMD offers a wide range of reports, diagnostics, AI repair recommendations, warranty info and other useful data.

Development has been underway for a while to deliver these new features, and should be ready before too long.  As this data is not free for us to provide, there is a need to anticipate usage so we can be sure how to price this in to our subscription plans.  For now, the new labor guides are only available in our unlimited annual and monthly plans and we will know more about usage levels in a few weeks, as we open up the new features in beta to a group of invited users we can see if this is cost effective in data usage. We hope so!

The development of the reporting tools is the easy part here, but getting around some of the high cost for the data is certainly causing more headaches on how we can deliver this valuable data to our customers. In order to gain insights into data usage and costs we will be opening an invite-only beta program, stay tuned, it could be you!

In the meantime, here is a taste of what is to come, we still need to add finishing touches to the parts of the user interface.