Ranked top one of Startups in Limerick to watch in 2018

Auto Repair Bill like to keep quite in the growing tech sphere here in Limerick City, however our growth seems to gain attention even if we just happen to drop our name in casual conversation in a local pub, and wind up on siliconrepublic.com.  It always pays to go out and have a few drinks and do some networking.

We are delighted to listed with some other superb limerick startups, some of whom we’ve had the pleasure of mingling with during many of the city’s startup events in recent years.  We wish all the best to everyone else out there in the difficult startup years, and hope your success continues well into the future, may we all prosper together.

A massive thank you to all our customers who got us this far and continue to carry us further!


15 super start-ups from Limerick to watch