Resolved: VIN Decoder issues

Firstly, a massive thank you to our loyal customers while we were working with new data partners to provide and restore access to this valuable and useful information vital to your day to day business.  A long story short, the provider we previously obtained this data from simply stopped their service.  This left us scrambling for a data partner that was affordable and workable for both our business and our clients.

We are glad to say most VIN decoding has been resolved now, and some improvements and additional information on vehicles is available now too. The VIN autocomplete when entering new clients is now working again, as is the auto complete of vehicle data on the mobile app when scanning a licence plate.

The CarFax licence plate search is now also working again and providing vehicle details.  Please note the CarFax service history reports were never affected by this, we were not using CarFax to obtain vehicle specification information.

We are still working with several providers to see if we can get a reasonable to service that allows us to bring back the valuable Service Guide and labor guides, we hope to have more information on this in the coming weeks.