New features: Client account statements now available

Firstly, thanks to the folks who contributed bug reports and feature suggestions for our auto repair invoicing software over the months, we take all comments into consideration and always have more on the way!

Numerous bugs in navigation have been resolved, searching for clients by name has been fine tuned, as well as some issues on the Bookings management.  We have revamped our Repair Order screen, many felt this was cluttered, it is now much clearer and improved upon, as well bringing as-you-type part prediction, which we also will be implementing soon for labor items on repair orders.

By far the largest request in recent times has been for client statements, to print of an overview of a client’s account, with all transactions on their account, i.e. invoices sent, cash, checks, paypal payments received, and any adjustments to payments on the account. For auto repair shops that have large clients with much repeat work will find this useful, as will your clients that may require such for expenses and accounting purposes.  Our client statement feature is in it’s infancy, and there will be upcoming refinements in coming weeks, including PDF, and down the line a custom statement generator, which can be spread over date range and also combine multiple vehicles that belong to one client, as ever, Stay Tuned!


Be Ready for Digital Payments, Get Paid with Paypal

When emailing an invoice to a customer, or handing them a printed copy, there is a link for the customer to pay you directly via a link on the invoice, which will take them to PayPal, where they can pay for the due invoice.

With checks on the decline, and more are going digital with paying for goods and services, you can now offer this option to your customers also, without the expense of card readers and other hassles with accepting credit cards, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get paid from your clients.

Each Invoice also has a link to make a booking for next service or general booking.

See the video below for how easy it is for your customers to pay you!

Updated Android app for auto repair invoice

We are happy to announce the updated release of our android app for auto repair invoicing, please note that is a compliment to our web app, not a replacement, and still requires an active subscription to be of any use.

The mobile app allows you to quickly look up any client to see what invoices and owed and how much, make new bookings, create a new invoice, view existing invoices.

Our mobile app make time management a breeze using the QR codes on printed Repair Orders, or alternatively using the clock-in and clock-out feature directly in the app.

In this version, you can now add a new client of the go, very useful when you want to create a quick booking or invoice while on the go.

You can download now for free from Google Play.

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Video Tutorial #3: Easily convert an Estimate to an Invoice

We have updated our Estimate and quote tool to now allow you to edit existing quotes using our auto repair invoice software, and also when a job is finished, an invoice can be created directly from a quote with a single click! See it in action in the video below, you still have the option to edit the invoice before committing the final copy of the invoice.

Video Tutorial #2: Easily create Repair Orders

Our updated Repair Order management and time management has been implemented on both our web app and mobile in our repair shop software. You can now easily create RO’s using the same part prediction as used in our invoice and quote creator. Our revamped user interface now makes it much easier to work with and create repair orders.

There are many time tracking option for Repair order completion, printed repair orders have barcodes that can be scanned with a smartphone to clock in or clock out of a job.  Furthermore, and more conveniently repair order time management can be done through our smartphone app to clock in and out of jobs also.

New: Improved invoice editor, edit without losing previous data


Our new improved invoice editor has been completely redesigned, with a lot of added functionality. Improvements included are many bug fixes, including when you select a new client previous entered data will be saved, editing in general has been improved to handle better errors and user mistakes, also the part prediction has been much improved.

All totals are added in realtime as you create the invoice, so you can see the running total as you create the invoice.