Android app updates

We have added several new features to our Android app, the licence plate scanner with Carfax integration has finally been released and is quite cool folks!

We have added a lot of useful features in Work Order management. You can now add photos to a work order directly from the app and view and manage on web app. The tick icon will bring up the signature screen for the customer to sign, and the new camera icon allows you to take pictures and upload for use in the web app.


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Work orders can now also be digitally signed by customers, they can sign on-screen, and the signature will be placed on the work order PDF, to either digitally store, or to print for record keeping.  Aside from convenience, this can also help your company to reduce their carbon footprint and save on printing, paper and storage costs.

We have  a redesign in the works to modernize the look of our app and we are considering a port for iOS later this year.

Android App licence plate scanner

Our Android app had been neglected for some time due to an issue with our licence plate scanner, which thankfully has now been resolved.  We are happy to introduce the new plate scanner which will scan a plate, read the number, then once you select the State, it will attempt to auto fill VIN, Make, Model and Year, all to save you a little more time everyday! We think this will make our mobile app a more useful compliment to our web app when it comes to incoming new clients.

You can now directly dial or send a text message, or email to client from the app on the view client screen.

Other general bug fixes have been applied, including updated permission handling for Android Marshmallow, we are also working on a general redesign which will be on the way shortly too.

We are looking to add service history checks to mobile app also, but we will first need to check with CarFax terms if this is okay to do.

Download on Google Play

Updated Android app for auto repair invoice

We are happy to announce the updated release of our android app for auto repair invoicing, please note that is a compliment to our web app, not a replacement, and still requires an active subscription to be of any use.

The mobile app allows you to quickly look up any client to see what invoices and owed and how much, make new bookings, create a new invoice, view existing invoices.

Our mobile app make time management a breeze using the QR codes on printed Repair Orders, or alternatively using the clock-in and clock-out feature directly in the app.

In this version, you can now add a new client of the go, very useful when you want to create a quick booking or invoice while on the go.

You can download now for free from Google Play.

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